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About Us

75cl was founded with one ambition: To delight our customers with a wide range of quality wines at accessible prices. We work directly with a curated selection of trusted producers and wineries, and strip away the extra retail cost that comes with the middleman .


A Direct e-Commerce Wholesale Model

We ensure that our customers get the best wholesale price by passing on all cost-savings to our customers.

We work directly with the wineries with no wholesalers or distributors in between

We operate strictly on an e-commerce model, with no retail operating cost

A Stringent Procurement Process

We only retail wines that we have tasted, and would purchase ourselves. We apply a 3 tier procurement process to ensure that we only list wines that are of the best quality

Tier 1 Tasting: Procurement Team Travels to Winery. Tastes wines while understanding the wine-making philosophy held by producers

Tier 2 Tasting: Samples are shipped back for 2nd tasting within the company. Only wines that receive an internal 80% satisfaction rate will be listed

Tier 3 Tasting: Final tastings are conducted with industrial experts and customers to gauge market acceptance

Working Directly with Over 200 Reputable Family Owned Producers

Our producers share our common philosophy of producing quality wines

They are all grounded in their own individual wine-making techniques and are driven towards producing wines that express the unique terrior of vineyards around the world.

About Us