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Category: Wine Regions

South Rhone – Cotes du Luberon & Ventoux

Rhone Valley wines are amongst the best in the world and are right up there with those from Burgundy and Bordeaux. The terrain of the area is hugely diverse, with a high number of wines being produced as a result. Rhone Valley is split into Northern Rhone and Southern Rhone, with different production methods taking…

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From the Barrel to Shining Star: Italian Wines Twinkle

Some of the finest wines in the world can be found in Italy.  One of the oldest and most prolific wine producers in the world, perhaps second only to France, you can find a wide variety and flavor palette in Italian wines.  The primary wines varieties you see coming out of Italy Pinot Grigio and…

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5 Premium Bordeaux Wines for under $80

Bordeaux is synonymous with greatness, steeped in history and world renowned vineyards.  It is the most widely known wine producing region in the world because of the elegant, flavorful and  aromatic wines bottled here.  Red Bordeaux is known as the epitome of its class, sometimes aged for hundreds of years, presenting layers of complexity that…

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