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Oyster Bay Chardonnay 2014/2015


Wine Style: White - Light & Crisp

Grape Varietal: Chardonnay

Country: New Zealand

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Expresses bright aromatic citrus, melon and tropical fruit on the nose. On the palate are bursting flavours of passion fruit, melon and honeysuckle which provide a juicy mouthfeel and a delicious finish.

Interesting Facts

Two-thirds of New Zealand wine production is white.


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Fittingly set in the heart of Marlborough, one of the world's most acclaimed winegrowing regions, our Oyster Bay Winery reflects not only the pride, positioning and unparalleled potential of New Zealand's flagship wine brand but our passionate winemaking spirit. This is no conventional winery but is an architectural tribute to the region and the spirit of the makers of New Zealand's most sought-after wine to capture the unique taste – the very soul and seasons – of that region.


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One of New Zealand's most awarded winery with 50 years of viticulture history and proudly owned by Sir George Fistonich. New Zealand is gifted with a good temperate climate, soil type and moderate amount of rainfall, which most of its wine produced in the East Coast showcase exceptional quality, especially in dry white wines. Wineries located in East Coast are also committed to create a generous flavour with approachable wine styles that speak of the iconic labels and vintages they produce year-on-year for global consumption.

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